As a little girl growing up in an Italian family, the smells of homemade food were always in the air. Meatballs frying and gravy cooking on the stove were a standard part of Sunday mornings in my house. These smells and tastes led me to appreciate all things homemade and delicious.

As an adult, I try to provide the same for my family. For me, desserts have always been my specialty. The smell of fresh cookies and brownies baking in my oven is normal for my children to wake up to now.

A few years ago, I started to share my sweet creations with others. This was both rewarding and fun! I now offer my products at a variety of venues, such as corporate events, non-profit fundraisers, parties, and as holiday gifts.

My cookies are baked from scratch without any preservatives or additives. They contain nuts, gluten, and dairy because I use butter, sugar, flour, eggs, peanut butter, chocolate, and other natural ingredients.

I do all this so that you and your family can enjoy the smell and taste of homemade goodness too.